Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance & Security

The advent of new technology has had a drastic impact on how heavy duty vehicles are maintained these days. With competition increasing by the day, fleet owners are leaving no stone unturned, investing in the latest pieces of equipment for keeping their trucks and trailers in top shape. A good example of such an equipment is the vehicle lift that is available these days. They have made life easy for fleet owners. With them they are assured of speedy repairs and more uptime.

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Checking air pressure

Take for instance regular checking of the air pressure and the tyres is a key part of maintenance of trucks and trailer. With a vehicle lift in place, all that is needed is to make the truck airborne and then check for the air pressure, as well as any repairs of the tyres. Remember, tyres can cost a fortune.

Lubrication at regular intervals

Lubrication is another key aspect that can be checked thoroughly once it is lifted up. Lubrication is like the life blood of a heavy duty vehicle. It is therefore essential to ensure that new grease is applied to the various places, in order to ensure a smooth drive.

Suspension is key

Heavy duty trucks usually travel long distances and one of the parts that undergo a lot of wear and tear are the suspensions. Regular checking of the air springs that form the key part of the suspension system therefore need to be checked regularly for any damage. Not only will it ensure a smoother ride, a well-maintained suspension system will also mean a safer drive.

Inspection of brakes

Equally important is the regular maintenance of the braking system. Fleet owners need to plan dates well in advance to perform regular checks on the brakes. Brake drums need to be checked regularly. The entire process has nowadays become a lot easier thanks to the availability of the hydraulically operated vehicle lift.

How clean is your truck?

Cleaning the vehicle at regular intervals of time is another important aspect that should not be neglected. This is especially true of the underside, where long trips mean that dirt could get accumulated big time. This is where the modern-day lifts help you reach and clean even the most difficult to access areas. Equal attention also needs to be paid to the cleanliness of the driver's cabin too. Remember there could be leaks that are toxic in nature that could be lurking somewhere in the corners of the cabin.

Don't forget security

All said and done trucks and trailers don't often receive the same kind of attention, with respect to their security, as compared to say cars. This should not be the case, as at the end of the day, many of these truck models cost a fortune. There could be tears, holes or cuts that need to be looked into. It is also in the best interests of the fleet owners to focus on installing theft deterrent options. An internal cage type protective layer, can for example stop the smash-and-grab criminals. Similarly, the latest models of vehicle alarm systems can reduce chances of theft.